We offer co-working space on a monthly basis at different rates depending on how many days per week you would like to work here.

1 day a week for £36 per month *
2 days a week for £64 per month*
3 days a week for £84 per month*
4 days a week for £96 per month*
5 days a week for £100 per month*

This covers co-working space and wifi during regular working hours (9.00am-5.00pm) Monday – Friday.
Free tea /coffee **
Free printing **

If you would like to come and try out the work hub and see if it works for you then we offer a free one day trial. Please book this before hand either by filling out the form below or phoning 01603 889064.

Trial day booking form

*We charge for 4 weeks per month, i.e. 48 weeks per year. This allows for holidays, bank holidays etc. the King’s Centre is usually closed over the Christmas period.

**Fair use policy.